2011 Expeditions

Year 1

During the 2011 field season CIET expeditions implemented the year 1 deployment plan which was developed at the Portland 2010 meeting:

Year 1 Station File – Excel

OBS Deployment Legs


Three legs are planned for the 2011 field season.  Links to each of these legs are below.  Prior to each expedition the CIET reviewed instrument readiness, fishing hazards, seafloor hazards and other factors that might impact a deployment site.  We also worked with the Quinalt Indian Nation, representatives of fisheries, Canadian agencies and the U.S. Navy to ensure that we shared the ocean equitably.  With these inputs we then developed specific, prioritized lists for seagoing operations.  In the event that a significant departure from the deployment plan was required, we developed a procedure for approving this change.

Sampling Rates for OBSs deployed in Year 1

  • LDEO
    • Sampling rates, currently at 125 sps, got a fair cushion for batteries, can probably go to 250 sps and get 12 months no problem. Going higher creates power problems.  Chips start not being able to keep up at high sps.  Only way to go higher is to build a data logger for hydrophone itself.
  • SIO
    • All SIO OBSs are at 50 sps for year 1.  The recording duration is 9 months. SIO OBSIP noted two issues:  1) Configuration of instruments put out is such that they will record for a 9 months window. Fortunately, given the projected 2012 schedule, that is exactly the duration of the deployment.
  • WHOI
    • Ground motion at 50 sps and 1 sps. DPG at 40 sps and 1 sps. Duration of recording is 1 year.


Draft OBS Deployment Plan for Legs 1, 2 & 3

The following files were used for planning purposes.  They detail which instruments are to be deployed at specific sites and also provide some justification for that choice.

  • Illustrator file with layers that can be turned off and on
  • Illustrator CS3
  • PDF of the above.
  • PDF explaining the choice of instrument placement that includes maps for Legs 2-1, 2-2 and 3. Note that this is out of date as the current plan is to mix the deployment of LDEO-APGs and SIO Abalones during the two parts of Leg 2.

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