Built on the Oregon UCORE model:

THe Community College at Sea (CC@Sea) program builds upon the University of Oregon UCORE (Undergraduate Catalytic Outreach and Research Experience) model to engage community college students and their geoscience instructors in Cascadia research.  The UCORE model includes: summer research experiences, such as going to sea to help deploy ocean-bottom seismometers (OBSs) and otherwise serve the scientific missions of research cruises; followed by ‘catalytic’ outreach at home CC campuses to encourage other students to consider careers in Earth and other sciences or in engineering.  The outreach comprises giving short research talks in core science classes, serving as tutors and teaching lab assistants, organizing community events such as demonstration shows or poster sessions, and engaging broader community groups (e.g., CC boards, etc.)

EARTH magazine highlights CC@SEA Program

Read all about the CC@SEA Program in EARTH Magazine 

Year-1 CC@Sea Activities:
  • pre-cruise:  subduction and seismology boot camp, practice movie-making skills, including ‘story boarding’ the movie
  • the cruise! serve on the scientific crew (aka ‘the CTD queen’ and ‘Team Bubbles’ member), record videos, take pictures, 24/7
  • post-cruise: make movie (Crusin’ Cascadia) and the 3-minute ‘trailer.’
Catalytic Activities: the CC@Sea World Tour (OK, the Oregon CC campus tour)
  • give research and experiential talks in core science classes
  • host movie nights
  • present to CC boards, etc.


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