Cascadia Initiative Education and Outreach

Our goals are to help high school teachers provide problem-focussed education in earth sciences and related areas, and to engage community college students and instructors in Cascadia geoscience research, leading to greater numbers of geoscience, science and engineering baccaluareates awarded.

See the CIET Blog for on-going blogging during Cascadia Initiative cruises.  During the 2014 September cruise, see all the blog by U. Liverpool graduate student Stephen Hicks.

  • All Things Cascadia:  A compendium of research and educational materials, organized by geography and topic, for Cascadia.


  • CC@Sea:

    Community College students get involved in Cascadia research, including going to sea on marine geophysics cruises to help deploy/recover Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBS’s).

  • First year CC@Sea-ers Eric Head (formerly of Mt. Hood CC and right, above) and Michelle Richter (formerly of Umpqua CC and right, below) went on the first CIET cruise (W1107A, summer 2011) on the R/V Wecoma and made a 30-minute movie about their experience, Cruisin’ Cascadia.  Click on the image at the bottom to watch it.
  • CC@Sea-ers Erika Jefferson (Mt. Hood CC) and Eric Bengtson (Portland CC) went on the 3rd recovery cruise during 2012 (W120713A) on the R/V New Horizon.  Erika made a nice flash animation depicting the float-down/float-up OBS deployment & recovery process (mermaid-scientist observer not alway on duty).

  • For 2013, we accompanied the 3rd scheduled recovery cruise on the R/V Atlantis to recover (primarily) a grid of shallow water ocean-bottom seismometers off Cape Mendocino, California.  CC@Sea-ers for this cruise were Jonas Cervantes from Linn-Benton Community College and Haley Domer from Portland Community College.  LBCC Physics Instructor Greg Mulder also was on the cruise.  This effort involved the ROV Jason.
  • S@SS:  The Seismometers @ School Sites program engages high school teachers and students in analyzing and assessing schools for risk of collapse during major earthquakes.  Students also assist with school structural inspections and prepare presentations for school boards & administrators.

The first workshop for S@SS was held 26-April-2013, and introduced the use of  broad-band seismometers deployed in Eugene 4-J, Crow-Applegate-Lorane and other schools to record, in campaign mode, both noise and regional, small-scale events.  This effort is also part of the Lane County Content in Context (C2) Math-Science Partnership funded by federal Title 11a monies through an Oregon statewide competitive program.

Cruisin’ Cascadia (click below)

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