Leg 5, Aug 30 – Sep 7 2012, R/V Oceanus (OC 1208B)

Chief Scientists:  Doug Toomey & Susan Schwartz

Dates:  30 Aug – 7 Sep, 2012, Newport-Newport

Objectives:  Deploy 15 SIO OBS



The fifth expedition of the Cascadia Initiative (CI) in 2012 was conducted on the R/V Oceanus between August 31 – September 6, 2012.  The objectives of leg OC1208B were to deploy 15 of the 70 sites comprising the Year 2 ocean bottom seismic (OBS) array of the Cascadia Initiative.  The deployed OBSs will record seismic and acoustic data for approximately one year with their recovery scheduled for June 2013; data will be publically available following recovery.

Cruise Report and Fisheries Flyer