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Cascadia science

Lots of recoveries, vent survey

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This is Anton Ypma from the midnight shift - we had a great day and recovered a lot of seismometers. Only one failed to release it's buoy, so we had to send the Jason down to help it out. The sea is getting a bit rougher than it has been, and due to the fact that the seismometers that we're recovering now don't have light beacons or radio transmitters on their buoys, we can't recover them in the dark, so we've stopped for the night.

What is the Cascadia Initiative?

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Dean Livelybrooks here blogging in English.  You may wonder why we are out at sea dropping and recovering ocean-bottom seismometers and pressure gauges.  One of our scientific goals is to collect data about small earthquakes and seafloor uplift or deformation that, in turn, tells us about the 'locked zone' where the next big Cascadia earthquake will occur.  We can't detect these earthquakes from on-shore.

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