Under the sea….

Day 3 on the Pacific, cruising on the research vessel (R/V) Atlantis.  We’ve all had a long day.  First recovery this morning the mechanism for releasing a float tied to the ocean-bottom seismometer failed.  ROV Jason to the rescue however.  A bit of a ‘thunk’ with one of Jason’s remote-controlled arms and the OBS released it’s ‘pop-up’ buoy.  Reminded me of how my dad used to ‘fix’ our old-style TV when it malfunctioned, a whap to the side applied just so.

Our second recovery posed other challenges.  There were strong currents at the site, some 900 meters below the surface off of Waldport, Oregon.  The Jason crew had their work cut out for them to tie a rope on a spool to the OBS so that the rope would surface and we could haul the OBS to the surface.  Thanks to the expertise of the (crackerjack) Jason crew, problems solved, OSB recovered.

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