On to the next OBS!

Hi everyone, this is Haley!  We just picked up J17B (another TRM Ocean Bottom Seismometer) using the Jason ROV and Medea’s assistance and we are on our way to the next one, M10B.  The water is extremely calm and smooth out here today and the weather couldn’t be better, lots of sun and not too much wind.  The trip is going by so fast, there is constantly something to do on the boat between filming, watching bathymety surveys, helping on deck, and trying to fit in sleep somewhere!


I have attached a picture of a grapefruit sized cluster of fish eggs that were attached to the antennae of the very first OBS we pulled up as well as a photo of a few dolphin friends we have made along the way, I’m surprised they aren’t out and about today!   I also attached a picture of the Jason being brought back onto the deck after a mission as well as an OBS elevator in the water.  Enjoy all!!


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