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September 29, 2011 Minutes

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CIET Conference Calls



  1. Preparations for:
    1. Leg 3, October 30 - November 12, 2011, R/V Wecoma

  2. Review of Action Items from Seattle meeting
  3. Bathymetry status


Participants: Maya, John, Emilie, Richard, Rick, Dean, Bob, Doug, Emilie

Instrument Readiness

  • LDEO in good shape for next cruise
  • WHOI will be ready for Nov. 15 departure

Ship Scheduling and Ship days

We discussed how to request ship days for cruises, i.e., do we count 24 hour days; answer is no. Note that the Captain is not obliged to sail at 0800; could be midday. Also, if coming in after 0800, then one must count that day and the next.

The best way to do it is as follows:

  • Assume the leg starts at midday (say 1400) and count that day.
  • Estimate time required for operations; add those hours to the above.
  • Remember contingency; add those hours.
  • If total results in arrival at port after 0800 on a calendar day, count that day and the next one.

✔✔ Action Item 1: Doug should email re Thompson request for 2012

ROV for 2012

Rick noted that Jason may be available at that time frame. Brian Midson was looking into this. Rick’s understanding was that limitations were (a) availability (b) turnaround © shallow water. None of these look to be too serious.

Action Item 2: Maya will look into SIO ROV for use in 2012 and out years

2011 schedule

Emilie noted that mob days were not correct in recently revised schedule.

Action Item 3: John will follow up on mob dates with Demian

Action Item 4: John will move site planned for Canadian munitions dump

Action Item 5: John/Emilie will develop a prioritization for deployment

Review of Action Items from Seattle

Many were done; see minutes.

Dear Colleague Letter

We discussed what is happening at NSF regarding Dear Colleague letter. This is moving ahead and OCE personnel met with Jennifer Wade (EAR) to discuss possible portals for proposals.


The new site remains a mystery to Doug… Need to demystify.

Action Item 6: Doug to demystify and get busy on allowing edits and updates

The above will include a community update page where “1 pagers” can be posted.


Del B. has made excellent progress with creating a 100 m grid. This will be available for both cruises. Chris R. is making a 30m grid for specific sites.

Education and Outreach

Glenn Biasi has a seismometers in schools program. Dean will be working with him on this and with Ray Weldon on how to analyze for relative shaking and go to school boards to mitigate seismic hazards.

Dean is setting up a workshop in November with some teachers for that; not during Thanksgiving…

Sites in Sanctuary and Fishing

  • Bob has submitted a permit to deploy J65 in the sanctuary
  • Sites outside of sanctuary, waiting to hear from Scott Mullin