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September 28, 2012 Minutes

CIET Conference Calls



  1. Update on 2012 Cruises
  2. Review of 2013 Schedule
  3. Topics for LDEO Meeting
  4. Availability of data to community


Participants:  Emilie, Doug, William, Susan, Dean, Rick, Maya, Anne

Regrets:  Bob, Richard, Donna, Collins - perhaps via Skype from Europe,  Jeff


Update on 2012 Cruises

  • Possible problems of instruments on the seafloor. 3rd recovery leg will be the ROV leg so it could visit problem sites (2 unresponsive instruments and concerns re burn-wires).  Do we need to ask for extra time on this 3rd recovery cruise?
  • Update on burn wire issues of WHOI group and transponder issues of the two WHOI instruments.
  • Anne & Jeff - LDEO group would like 8 weeks for maintenance/turnover - currently they have 7.3 weeks

Review of  2013 Schedule

Following is from email with Brent Evers

Working from the constraints that Doug outlined in his August 23rd email on Cascadia cruise requirements:

Required science time for each OBS group:


LDEO - 14 days recovery/13 days deployment

WHOI - 11 days recovery/13 days deployment

SIO - 6 days recovery/6 days deployment


Required weeks between deployments for maintenance: at least 6 weeks


There are currently six Oceanus Cascadia cruises on the schedule - one too many.  I had a discussion with Doug on this yesterday, and would suggest the following schedule:


Oceanus, 30 May - 10 June - WHOI - (11 Sci)

Oceanus, 13 June - 19 June - SIO - (6 Sci)

Atlantis, 25 June - 9 July - LDEO - (14 Sci)



Oceanus, 30 July - 12 Aug - WHOI - (13 Sci)

Oceanus, 15 Aug - 21 Aug - SIO - (6 Sci)

Oceanus, 30 Aug - 12 Sept - LDEO - (13 Sci)


The currently scheduled cruise "Oceanus, 28 June - 4 July" should be deleted


There is some slack in this schedule that gives some room for you to shift things left or right, but if you do so, please make sure that the 6 weeks minimum of time between recovery and deployment of each IIC group is maintained.


Topics for LDEO Meeting

  • Who is doing what on the cruises
  • 2014 budget and proposal
  • Assigning instruments considering science and cruise logistics - same as Year 1 mostly.
  • Discuss data quality issues?
  • Assess which instruments worked and did not in Year 1.  Focused array had instrument failures and poor data quality.
  • Ask for a presentation from each group on instrument performance, data quality, data recovery rates.
  •  ompare Abalone and TRM data.  Side by side will be available next year.

Availability of data to Community

CIET would like to cut down on the time between OBS recovery and availability of data to the community.  In terms of transmission of data to the IRIS DMC, there is always a delay between recovery and delivery because of the post-processing required to make the data suitable, which include timing corrections and completing metadata.  This delay between recovery and delivery can be 1 to 3 months, depending on numerous issues, including the availability of personnel at each of the 3 IICs.  In addition, following recovery of OBSs, each IIC is busy refurbishing instruments post haste for the next deployment, which takes priority of data processing.

We also discussed how to get a better and quicker evaluation of data quality, which affects siting of instruments for redeployment.

There was a general agreement that CIET could post raw OBS data on the CIET site immediately following a cruise, thereby providing the community with access to data immediately. This will be discussed at the LDEO meeting.

Donna (NSF) should be made aware of these issues at the LDEO meeting.