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September 20, 2013 CIET Minutes

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CIET Conference Calls


  • 2013 recoveries summary
  • 2013 deployments summary
  • Cruise Reports
  • Spread sheets and plots
  • Known 2014 issues (2 WHOI sites not responding)
  • Revision of CI and Gorda deployments for year 4
  • 2014 ship schedule update
  • CIET Meeting
  • OBSIP Meeting
  • AGU Special Session
  • NSF Proposal
  • GeoPrisms Article on Apply to Sail
  • Navy:  Get them locations


Susan, Maya, Rick, Dean, Donna, Collins, Brent, Jessica, Anne, Jeff, Emilie, Will, Richard


2013 recoveries summary

Overall, recoveries went well during the 2013 field season.  All but 1 OBS recovered from the 2012 deployment.  


23 of 25 instruments recovered on the Oceanus.  Two OBSs had acoustics problems during the 2012 deployment. One of these instruments was  recovered using an ROV from the Thomphson, thanks to John Delaney and support from NSF.  While the OBS recovered by ROV did not respond acoustically, it did have a full load of data.  Right now we suspect there is something odd about the transducer head.  Waiting for time with EdgeTech to take that transducer apart.  The second OBS was visited by both the RV Atlantis and RV Thompson, but poor weather prevented launching of the ROV.


All instruments recovered, good weather, efficient operations.


Atlantis recovery. Went quite smoothly.  Atlantis cruise also had extra time.  Deployment and recovery procedures for LDEO TRMs are now well in hand.

2013 deployment summary

Excepting some acoustics problems on the WHOI cruise, the 2013 deployment cruises went well.  A total of 68 instruments were deployed. 

WHOI deployment

During the WHOI cruise the problems with acoustics continued.  Two OBSs were deployed that did not respond acoustically.  There are now 3 WHOI AARA instruments on the seafloor that are not responding.  These WHOI instruments will be recovered as part of LDEO/Jason 2014 operations.   Every chance that all 3 have good data.  Batteries will not leak in a year or two years.  Go for all 3.

LDEO deployment

Went smoothly.  For next year, we can request less time. 4 per day vs. 3 per day.  LDEO has this streamlined. For the TRM deployment we need two mobilization day that does not involve ship fueling.  Batteries were an issue.  LDEO needs 8 weeks to turn around.

SIO deployment

All instruments deployed, good weather, efficient operations.


CI Data at DMC

This is not going well and the procedures and efficiency could be greatly improved.  The primary problems are with the delivery of data from the LDEO and SIO IICs.


All Year1 and Year2 WHOI data at IRIS DMC.  However, SAIC filtering introduced gross timing errors when there is a data gap.  SAIC found the bug in their software.  Timing error equal to filter length. New filtered data for 3 instruments has recently been made available by SAIC.  SAIC believes that software is bug free at this time.  It’s possible that the SIO and LDEO data have the same timing errors.  Year 1 data were filtered by Johns Hopkins, but in Year 2 that was not the case for SIO/LDEO.  Year 2 LDEO only had one station of interest to the Navy, but that station did not work.  1 Hz and redacted data are at the DMC.  


Year 2:  There is nothing uploaded from SIO for Year2 yet.
YEAR 1:  SIO has half of their filtered data. Why only half?  This is a problem and needs to be addressed by NSF.  Initial upload, then timing problem. SIO thought it was uploaded, but it is not. They have a few of the filtered stations up (<50%), but not all of them.


LDEO is beginning to upload year 2 data.  Seismic data this week.  APG data probably next week.
LDEO does not have any of Year 1filtered data up there yet. This came up in July.  Big gaps in high frequency data and filtered data were not available.  Anne sent out an email yesterday.  Anne’s email is related to redacted data.
LDEO:  had an issue with filtered constants.  Andrew is still trying to work that out with SAIC.  


CIET asked if the OMO or NSF is addressing the issue of timely delivery of data to the DMC.  NSF is putting pressure on both SIO and LDEO.  Part of the problem could be the filtering, which is a new development.  SIO and LDEO are aware of this, so should be checking.  
Richard:  Would it be possible to put together a 1 paragraph summary of what data is available?
Brent:  OMO has been keeping a table that OMO will send to CIET for posting on web site.  Know where to go and look.  Table should include date and version number.
Discussed where and how this would be posted.  Doug will work with Brent to make sure we have links set up and that the table is consistent between CIET and OMO.

Cruise Reports

At the DMC.  Metadata can be dumped into that folder.  Information can be added by IIC and by us.  There are six or 7 things in there from year 1.  Mismatch of different reports and naming conventions.
Naming convention will come from OBSIP for the various reports.  
  • 2011 field season
  • Year 1 data extends from 2011 to 2012.

Spread sheets and plots

To be posted on web site.

2014 Field Season

Known 2014 issues (2 WHOI sites not responding).  Revision of CI and Gorda deployments for year 4. Trimming and adjustments maintained the science objectives.  Original idea was to densify Gorda, but this was not possible given funding.  Major science goals are still being achieved.  What we want to do for OSU-led SIO deployment is to have one CIET member available on line or by phone in case things come up.

2014 ship schedule update

Discussed time needed to turn around instruments.  WHOI and SIO have a 6 week minimum.  LDEO is 8 weeks.
Unlikely we will recover the 3 non-responding WHOI instruments in time for the WHOI deployment.  Will not be deployed on either the WHOI or SIO legs.  Could one or two WHOI instruments be deployed with LDEO cruises? LDEO recovery runs in parallel with ENAM active source.  A possible option.

CIET Meeting

Need to discuss Year 4 focussed array. What is the geometry of the focused array?  CIET will present options.  Data quality should inform the discussion.
Jeff:  noise may be too high for known eqs.  Some of the big eqs were clipped.  Strive to come up with a year 4 focused array, motivated by data quality.  We could reasonably make this a goal.  There is a lot of seismicity in the general area of MTJ.  
  • CIET should prepare some options for discussion at the October meeting.  We should have a suite of plans to discuss.
  • Really key that we have access to year 2 focused array data ASAP!

OBSIP Meeting

Agenda for meeting need to be made.
MINI workshop:  10 minute talks?  Who wants to give one?  

NSF Proposal

Ideal is in hand before the MG&G panel meets.  Must stand and be worthy.  Done by AGU.  

GeoPrisms Article on Apply to Sail

Emilie has finished this and it is being submitted for the newsletter. 

Action Items

  • Triple check ship time request forms.These dates as far as Brent knows are based on the straw number of ship dates.  
  • CIET/OMO put together a summary of what data is available.
  • Navy:  Get them locations
  • CIET to begin discussing the design of the Year 4 focused array.