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September 1, 2011

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CIET Conference Calls


The entire agenda discussed the 2012 ship time request. There have been a flurry of emails during the past week (and conference calls) from UNOLS and ship operators requesting information on our request. Given the amount of days and how they are distributed throughout the summer, the logistics are challenging. They are requesting that we have a summary of our needs by next week and are scheduling a conference call for Sept. 7; this call was postponed until 9/22/11.

Attached is the STR that submitted earlier this year. This was put together with input from John and it was done as a best guess at the time. STR_102970.pdf

Prior to the meeting CIET members were asked to come prepared to discuss the following:

  1. John: Can you review the following:
    • An estimate of the shore-based time for both WHOI and SIO to turn around their OBSs
    • Estimates of time required to deploy/recover 15 free-fall OBSs, including a best guess at transit times.
  2. Maya: Can you review the needs of the LDEO, including:
    • the ship, ROV and winch requirements for TRM OBSs
    • number of days to recover the 14 TRM OBSs
    • number of days to redeploy 20 TRM OBSs
    • An estimate of the shore-based time required for TRM OBS refurbishment
    • An estimate of the shore-based time required for free-fall OBS refurbishment.
    • Estimates of time required to deploy/recover 10 free-fall OBSs.
  3. There has been some discussion on whether or not it would be advantageous to split a 15 day cruise into separate chunks, for example, two 7 day cruises separated by some number of days/weeks. This may provide flexibility in terms of juggling deployments and recoveries, however, there are downsides (e.g., travel of personnel). FYI, we can split 15 contiguous days into multiple legs on the Wecoma out of Newport. Please think about this prior to the call.
  4. The amount of contingency time we have built into the STR. Are we overestimating?


We had a productive discussion, however, nailing down specific dates and other numbers was not achieved. We laid a reasonably good foundation for continuing discussions at the CIET meeting in Seattle on Sept. 13 and 14.

Below are bare bones minutes, for completeness.

No important decisions were made.

Approximate ship costs per day

  • Wecoma ($20K)
  • Thompson ($36K)
  • Langseth similar to Thompson if not using seismics


  • General discussion of TRM needs.
  • Agreed to not ship frames and instruments if possible
  • Use Thompson/ROPOS to deploy 6 TRMS, recover 10 OBS and recover other 14 TRMS
  • Another leg 5-6 weeks after first to deploy 14 TRMS and 10 OBS

Wecoma/ship requests

Our flexibility wrt Wecoma is now. Once the schedule starts to gel, harder to move around in mid-summer. Toward the end of the field season we have some flexibility. Suggests requesting a mop-up cruise in the latter part of the field season.

  • 5 legs tightly spaced, 6th as mop up

CIET Meeting

  • Arrange to have OBSIP on call

Strawman Schedule

The following strawman schedule was proposed for further discussion at the Seattle meeting.

  1. Leg 1: Recover 25 WHOI OBS
  2. Leg 2: Deploy 6 TRM; recover 14 TRM; recover 10 LDEO OBS
  3. Leg 3: Deploy 25 WHOI; recover 15 SIO
  4. Leg 4: Deploy 14 TRMs; deploy 10 LDEO OBS
  5. Leg 5: Deploy 15 SIO OBS
  6. Leg 6: Mop up