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October 27, 2011 Minutes

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​Preparations for Leg 3 deployment

  • OBS prep. on schedule
  • should be OK for personel
  • an undergrad from North Eastern coming;  one grad student from UO
  • communicating w OSU about clearances.  Asked OSU to check on this.
  • Bob Dziak - site in munitions dump in Canada.  Asked captian of the Atlantis about this.
  • priorities - areal extent of array vs station spacing
  • John in Newport on Friday.
  • Gear will arrive Thursday afternoon & do some loading
  • Complete loading on Friday.  OSU off on Sat, Sun and Mon.
  • Rick planning to come Friday and see what is going on.
  • Science techs meeting on Monday at 11 am.
  • William: sample rate for instruments?  New OBSs seismometer (50 to 10 sps).  Fin and blue whale studies benefit from 100 sps.  The Keck constrained by recording 7 channels w old fashioned hard disk and will sample at 50 sps with steep role off on ground motion sensors and 40 sps on the dPgs.  

Leg 2 - went well. ​

  • one page summary and deployment chart; send comments so that this can be posted.
  • No impacts on Leg 3 from this cruise

  •  William and Doug in DC met with Bob Houtman, Wayne Esterbrook (Navy) Bob Wagner (SAIC).  Discussed Navy issues re OBS data from Cascadia.  Formal memo of understanding to be written re how data will be dealt.  Select stations - filter 4Hz and above.  3 months to go through sequestered higher frequency (above 4Hz) data and decide what to release.  Done recently for Monica Coler's cruise, but data not back yet.  1% might be kept.
  • Next year need 2 berths per cruise for Navy or John's Hopkins lab personnel.
  • John Collins: technicalities of opening glass balls at sea. Operations at sea
  • SIO group wanted a backup copy of the data beyond that what the Navy is sequesting.  In case they crash on the plane.
  • They can run an algorithm on the data if there is a sequence that we are interested. 
  • Someone with or without data could possibly go in and look at the data.
  • Doug has filter coefficients from them already in an email

Action items from the last two phone calls

  • Rick - NSF request re OBS refurbishment at NOAA facilities.
  • Nabalek - discuss which stations are open to the community
  • Connover at NSF - costs for Cascadia.  Ship time racks up.
  • Issues re science money - Detrick & Connover.  Facilities have big investments in them.  Science money source not clear.
  • Connover & ocean science board.  OOI, IODP, Cascadia - facility costs and science costs w 60% to facilities and rest to science.  This is a big concern.

 Focused array 3 design.

  •  Susan to take lead on this.

 Maya ROVS

  • SIO ROV re use in 2012 and beyond.  Email sent this AM.
  • ROPOS quote

Schedule for the proposal for 2nd year of deployments

  • come in off cycle in early 2012.
  • Rick back in office between 10th and 15th of Jan.
  • Good to do in time for summer expenses.
  • Proposal deadlines for CIET members: Dec and Feb.
  • After AGU do in mid-Dec/early Jan.