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October 26, 2012 Minutes

CIET Conference Calls



  1. Review of minutes from CIET meeting at LDEO
  2. Assigning action items
  3. Hired web assistant, Erika Jefferson
  4. Miscellaneous


Participants:   Anne, Emilie, Greg Anderson, William, Brent Evers, Richard, Bob D., Donna Blackman

Regrets:  Susan, Dean, Jeff, John C., Maya

Review of minutes

Minutes were reviewed; no additions.

Assigning Action Items

  • Chief scientists: send Names & affiliations and email contacts of additional personnel taken on cruises.  Include a photo. What about marine mammal observers and navy personnel? Yes.  Also NOAA's E&O person

  • John Collins - calculate transit times to include in the cruise that will use the ROV for next year to check on unresponsive OBSs.

  • Budget for XBTs instead of CTD next year.

  • GPS layback lengths - check that these are correct.

  • Merge into a single report for the whole season into a report for fisheries - for this past summer. Katie will help with this. Susan to take the lead, may contact Anne Trehu.

  • Metadata to report on the Web site includes clock-drift corrections - this can give an idea to the user of data quality.

  • Web site will include data links for the community with clock-drift corrections and bathymetry links.

  • How to report success and problems to the community.  High level power points for NSF/5 min pop-ups at community meetings.  Put information on Web sites. Jason videos.

  • 2013 - how the community gets access to the data.

    • WHOI data is at DMC, LDEO data in a few days, SIO around Dec 1. How to cut down on time between recovery and availability to community.  Post raw mini seed data on CIET Web site. It will be in chunks. Include RED flag warnings.

    • Once the processed data is at the IRIS DMC, the raw data will be removed from the CIET Web site.

    • Can the CIET Web site handle data download volumes?  Yes probably.

    • Move CIET Web site to UO servers - should be able to handle this.

    • Could log the people who use the data on the CIET site and then send them an email later, when the data is removed.

Web Assistant

Hired Web assistant - Erica - community college undergrad who participated in cuise this summer.  She will contact people for problems and send her anything that you want on the Web site

Miscellaneous Items

  • Donna: NSF - updating dear colleague letter.  This should be out by AGU.  From 2013 onward, all proposals to work w OBS data are welcome.  Revision of the previous letter, that clarifies.  Expectation for lesser efforts on type 1 proposals.
  • Formalize cruise reports for 2013.  Not necessary - but will have Erica collect metadata together on one Web page.
  • Doug to continue talking to Brent re distributed teams of undergrads looking at earthquake locations.  Brent to write something and send out before next week and Doug and Brent to talk next week.  Send to Rodey as well once more formalized.