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November 16, 2012 CIET Minutes


CIET Conference Calls



Below is a summary of outstanding action items and who is responsible for taking the lead:

1)  (Susan) Fisheries document.  Develop a final document to be distributed to Oregon and N. California fisheries.

2)  (John) Estimates of ROV time needed next year to visit non-responding sites.  Best and worst case scenarios. 

3)  (Doug)  Request table of clock drift corrections form OBSIP IICs for year 1 data.  

4) (John) Leg 1 of 2012 field season needs a one pager

5)  (All)  Consider your 2013 schedule. During our next conference call we will begin to assign chief scientists.

6) Data availability




Susan, Bob, John, Richard, Rick, Donna, Rodey, Anne, Doug, Dean, Greg Andersen, William, Emilie



Fisheries document

Discsussed contacts, who document should be sent to:  Katie Hildebrand, Brad Pettinger, Pete Zeigler, trawler group. Anne will send on contact info to Susan

ROV time for WHOI sites

Not looking good for extending the Atlantis leg, according to Donna (NSF). Discussed clock battery, keep alive is 3 months. Possible that other cruises could recover some LDEO instruments and thus switch non TRM instruments with WHOI instruments.

Request clock drift corrections.

Clock drift tables go to DMC, not in headers. Discussed how users could access data. What do certain channels represent.  Data highlights page will include primer on use of OBS data.
Action Item:  Primer on how to make use of the Cascadia data.
WHOI data is available since OC meeting.  Some stations are screened and some are not. Screened data and filtered data, that is continuous.  LDEO data to DMC this week.  Send a message out to community next week.  Announcement at workshop


  • Olympic Coast Sanctuary
  • Foreign vessel clearances


Tentative Ship schedule

Below is a list of the current ship schedule for 2013 operations and a partial list of possible chief scientists.  In the case of the Atlantis cruise, CIET has requested 2 additional science days to visit 2 WHOI sites.



Oceanus, 30 May - 10 June - WHOI - (11 Sci)   Collins (Hooft as backup)

Oceanus, 18 June - 24 June - SIO - (6 Sci)        Dziak                

Atlantis,  25 June - 9 July - LDEO - (14 Sci)        Anne/Dean Possible 2 extra days. E&O good with larger ship and outreach



Oceanus, 1 Aug    14 Aug - WHOI - (13 Sci)     Wilcock/ Schwartz?

Oceanus, 17 Aug - 23 Aug - SIO - (6 Sci)          ?/?  Schwartz? Hooft/Toomey

Oceanus, 4 Sep - 17 Sept - LDEO - (13 Sci)     ?/ ? McGuire? Hooft/Toomey

Need to decide soon enough to apply for clearances: 

Canadian  -WHOI recovery, all 3 deployments.

Olympic coast sanctuary permit.

Richard and Maya unlikely to go.


Northern focused array

Will the NFA be deployed in 2013.  Hold this question untill data is available.  Announce importance of looking at data during AGU meeting. Not as much data as anticipated due to instrumental challenges.  Is there a better alternative site; ask community. What is the mechanism to assess the results and come up with an alternative plan?  This is ASSCs responsibility. 


When does CIET need to know that to do for planning?  LDEO instruments will be deployed in Sept.  Could be hashed out at Earthscope meeting in May 13-15.


GeoPRISMS - Steering Committee

Discussed opportunity to take students to sea.  There will be an application process.  GeoPrisms will serve as collection place. Announce at Cascadia AGU mini workshop. Need to come up with numbers?  What information do we want to included.  Need refs from students.  We can probably take 2-4 students per cruise.

Spreadsheets with station locations

Emilie send final sheet to Andrew GoodwillieSusan to send his email to

Emilie to put it on the Web site.  

Name, drop location, relocated location (leave blank), foot note with explanations, depth report both if necessary, instrument type.