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May 24, 2012 Minutes


CIET Conference Calls



  1. Update on recent WHOI recovery cruise (John)
  2. Update on LDEO data screening procedure (Maya)
  3. Update on participation of Marine Mammal Observers (William)
  4. Update on M07 (Emilie)
  5. Update on subawards
  6. E and O for 2012 (Dean)
  7. Misc. issues


Participants : Rick, Bob D., Emilie, John, Doug, Richard, William, Jeff M.

Update on recent WHOI recovery cruise (John)

Went well schedule wise, very good weather overall.  All instruments back with full data loads.  One station had vertical component that did not unlock.
Oceanus tight compared to Wecoma. 8 science people not including restech.  Apace in main lab is the problem.   5 total berths available without the berthing van. Maxed out in main lab.
Navy procedure went very well (Kevin Gormally). Download data onto one large disk drive. Navy copied, filtered, wrote another disk, returned to science team. Carried home original data set.  Understanding is that APL will not go to sea anymore, will hand off to SAIC. 

Update on LDEO data screening procedure (Maya)


Emails received on this.  Not discussed as Maya was not on this call.


Update on participation of Marine Mammal Observers (William)

 Yes J. Col? is still interested in sending people on board. Most interested in two cruises in July.  Two people per year.  Maya needs to sort out berthing. Bob has plenty of room on the ship.  New Horizon.  20 science berths.  Some are shared with crew members.  No deviation in cruise tracks. Ride along at 10 knots, see what they can see.

Update on M07 (Emilie)

 Still in the process of discussing M07.  It’s in water that is 1300 m. Current site is within the EFZ. Very close to Hydrate ridge.    Do we think it is ok to move to east, yes if that is the only sensible option.  Better to have it in sooner rather than later, i.e., in the summer.

ACTION ITEMS:  Have Maya find a shallow water site that is nearby.  It is a TRM. Bathymetry data in fldermaus that is shallow.

Update on subawards

Signed off by Rick and director, goes to DGA. Slower than they used to be. Cascadia is getting some play in the agency. 

E and O for 2012 (Dean)

Dean was not present.

Misc. issues

    Renaming stations
    ACTION ITEM:  Ask Chief Scientists to send us what they are doing?
    ACTION ITEM:  Repository for each cruise.
    ACTION ITEM:  Make a page that is private for our use only
    ACTION ITEM:  Exclusive economic zone boundary.