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March 29, 2013


CIET Conference Calls



  1. Cruise Staffing
  2. Community response to CI
  3. EarthScope meeting
  4. OBS workshop
  5. Apply to sail
  6. Timing


Emilie, Brent, Doug, William, Susan, Donna



Cruise Staffing

Scheduling conflict with WHOI cruise.  Matt Fowler (Dziak engineer) will act as chief scientist.  Matt and John will coordinate on necessary information. Dziak to revise his budget.  Still waiting on budget from LDEO and statement of work from WHOI.

Community response to CI

We discussed how best to gather information on use of data, science results, etc.  CIET will need to have such information to support year 4 operations.

Doug received news of a paper being submitted that used year 1 data.  GREAT!

Requested that NSF provide information on funded proposals so that we can contact the PIs.  

CIET will need input on data quality and planning for the future. We will send out a request to everyone.

How to encourage and gather information?  Send out a call to people to let us know so we can include this in the progress reports and requests for 2014 funds.  Also get feedback on data quality and how to proceed in the future.  What response/interest does this type of community experiment generate?

EarthScope meeting

Not well scheduled. Discussion at GeoPrisms steering committee meeting. Trying to pull something together at EarthScope meeting.  Requested a Sunday afternoon quite awhile ago.  No confirmation on breakout groups.  Not enough time to plan a 3-4 hour session.  Not enough time to organize.  Make this more of an informational efforts.  Future plans for amphibious array. Announce workshop in October. Likely to get 10-15 minutes in plenary with 1 hour breakout session.

William:  Agenda comes out, next big thing?  Aren’t amphibious experiments one option for that?  Not clear how soon there might be funding to redeploy the amphibious array.  EarthScope will need other resources than just MGG.  Engage EarthScope community in this if it is going to go ahead.  

William is likely to go to the meeting.  


If waiting to the last day, there is no time for a breakout session afterwards.  Talk to organizing committee to stimulate more discussion during last stage. Any discussion would be more informed if they knew what was happening in Cascadia. 

NSF and Amphibious Arrays

Bob Deterick's view that perhaps there should not be  EAR and OCE, but just seismology.  2015 request and new director at GEO.  Invitation for ideas for 2015. Some GEO-level money.  Donna is spearheading and presented to OCE and talking to Geophysics and hydrologists.  A cross-coast emphasis that is not site specific or discipline specific.  Cascadia is an example of the mid-scale in terms of money and duration.  Truly amphibious studies that requires cross-coast assets.  If this survives discussions it could go up to the GEO-level for these new ideas.  Get rid of the false divide between EAR and OCE.  Uncertain budgetary environment it is unclear how long this will take to implement this - soon or perhaps a view years.

William: important to use the Earthscope meeting to bring up the idea of doing these amphibious experiments.

How does OMO sit within IRIS and the science steering committee of IRIS.

Doug: Bob Woodward made a presentation for IRIS to organize amphibious experiments.  Brent:  IRIS's job is to stimulate the community to pitch these ideas.  People hesitant to jump on this because of the perceived cost so this may be slow to take on.


OBS Workshop

CIET would like to have a 1/2 day workshop the day before the OBS workshop.  Some money (small amounts) may be available.  Budget for this is not part of CIET.

ACTION ITEM: Talk with organizers about the OBS workshop.  Contact them before next Wednesday.  Get my comments to them before next Wednesday.  They may be willing to allow more time.

Apply to Sail

Send draft to GeoPrisms



SIO data is being held.

No update from LDEO.  Problems with instruments

Will ping them if not up on the 1st of April

Characteristics attached to instruments.  Sensor/A2D/ evolves.