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March 29, 2012 Minutes


CIET Conference Calls



  1. Station Naming Convention
  2. Bathymetry and TA design for 2012
  3. Update on discussion of Navy procedures
  4. Southern FA design (MTJ)
  5. Target dates for OBS data at IRIS DMC


Participants: Doug, Rick, John, William, Maya, Susan, Anne, Jeff

Station Naming Convention

We revisited the naming convention of CI sites.  Richard provided useful information via email and after discussion we decided on the following convention:

  1. Conceptual station location, e.g. from the Portland Report, are assigned a station name with a max of 4 characters and ending in a number.
  2. Specific station locations are then given a name based on the (up to) 4-character conceptual location plus A, B, C or D, depending on the year deployed.  A is year 1, B is year 2, etc.
  3. For stations not in the Portland Report, a logical 4-character conceptual name should be created and then an A, B, C etc appended as necessary to indicate the year.
  4. Site numbers less than 10 will be reported with two characters, thus 1 is 01.

Following are some examples

  • G01A is "Gorda" site 1 deployed in the first year.
  • J25C is a "Juan de Fuca" site 25 deployed in year 3.
  • FS10B is a "Focus South" site 10 deployed in year 2.

THIS IS FINAL, don't try to change it... ;-)





Bathymetry and TA design for 2012

William and Emilie have been working on assessing bathymetry and station positions for 2012.  Below is a bathymetric map (compiled by Del Bohnenstiehl) with OBS positions as follows: planned positions (small red circles), year 1 positions already deployed (green circles), yellow circles (suggested moves).

The issues discussed were:

  1. Should we move sites G29 and G28 to the east since G30 was previously moved eastward?  >> Yes
  2. Should G37 move to the NE away from the seamount field? >> Yes
  3. Should G36 move to the NW to get out of the axial valley? >> Yes

The black line shows the proposed track of the Thompson in April; this will collect bathymetric data for OBS siting.

We discussed priorities for bathymetry collection. The priorities, from highest to lowest, are from south to north along the black line.

William confirmed with Rose and Rick that this plan was doable:

Rose and Rick:

For some time the Cascadia Initiative Expedition Team team has been discussing the idea of using the Thompson's return transit from San Diego to Seattle at the end of April to map the last remaining unmapped deployment sites.  Originally it was a reasonably straight path but due to some tweaking of the network the hope is to take a few jogs to map 5 sites (see attached map prepared by Emilie Hooft).  I have talked with Doug Russell and if everything goes well we believe it is doable within the schedule.  The priority for sites goes form south to north so if time is short it would be possible to do the first 3 sites that are pretty much on a straight path and skip the last two.  Rick is aware of these plans but I wanted to be sure that this mapping during the transit (and within the current schedule) has NSF's blessing.

Update on Navy Data Screening Procedures

CIET discussed the status of these efforts, which are going exceptionally well.  Both the Navy Team and CIET are working extremely well together and CIET appreciates the positive support of the Navy Team.  Representatives from each IIC will be working with the Navy Team to detail at-sea procedures. Some specific notes:

  • WHOI to provide Navy Team with examples of data from OBSs
  • We can walk off the ship with 1 sps data and 20 sps data filtered at < 4 Hz.
  • Q.C. at sea will be possible.
  • Plan is to provide raw data not redacted within 90 days of cruise.

Redesign of Southern Focus Array (MTJ)

For some time CIET has been discussing the science objectives and design of the southern focused array near the Mendicino Triple Junction (MTJ).  Susan has been polling community members to gather opinions and she will be presenting alternative plans at the Cascadia GeoPrisms Workshop to be held in Portland during April.


Target dates for CI OBS data at IRIS DMC

Considering this years schedule and the commitments of the OBS groups to other projects, we discussed target dates for when CI OBS data would become available to the community at the IRIS DMC:

  • WHOI anticipates Aug. 15, 2012.  They have the earliest recovery cruise.
  • Currently, it is estimated that LDEO and SIO data will become available in mid-October.  These dates are not yet finalized.