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March 15, 2013 CIET minutes


CIET Conference Calls



  1. SIO OBSIP timing error
  2. EarthScope meeting
  3. OBS Workshop
  4. AGU


Susan, Richard, Brent, Donna, Bob, William, Doug


Status of CI OBSIP data

Brent confirmed that SIO has a timing error in their data.  This was initially identified by Brandon Schmandt and later confirmed by Gabe Laske.  We discussed how this should be dealt with in terms of the availability of data and notifying the community.  Since there is no version control via IRSI DMC, Brent/OBSIP OMO have decided that it is best to:

  • Embargo all SIO data until the problem is resolved
  • Send an email out to the community via IRIS and GeoPrisms alerting them to the problem
  • Fix the data (~ 2-3 weeks)
  • Inform community

Status of all data at this point:

  • All WHOI data is available
  • LDEO seismometer data is available, but not DPG.  Expected to arrive by April 1
  • SIO data is embargoed.

EarthScope Meeting

Geof Abers, Susan Schwartz and others have been discussing whether or not to have a breakout group at the EarthScope meeting to discuss the future of the Amphibious Array and Community Experiments.  This could potentially happend the Sunday before the meeting, however, time is running short for organizing. 

OBS Meeting in October

An OBS workshop will be held in October.  This is not meant to be a "Cascadia" meeting, but an international meeting that discusses results form all experiements and future opportunities.  We should request that time and room be made for discussion of Cascadia results.  There is a rough agenda, but topics have not been finalized.  We could request a 1/2 day before or after the meeting.  

Action Item:  Doug will pursue with organizers

AGU Special Session

Deadline for proposals is April 19.