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March 15, 2012 Minutes


CIET Conference Calls



  1. Discuss Navy Screening of Data

Relevant Documents:



Participants :  Bob Dziak, Emilie Hooft, Dean Livelybrooks, Jeff McGuire, Doug Toomey, Maya Tolstoy, Anne Trehu, William Wilcock, Richard Carlson (NSF), Bob Houtman (NSF)

The primary purpose of the call was to discuss the coordination and documentation of the procedures to support mitigation of the U.S. Navy security concerns.  To facilitate these discussion, Bob Houtman (NSF) provided documents developed during the ALBACORE Project in 2011 Project. These documents are attached above.  

The CIET noted that the draft documents emphasize procedures developed for recovery of data from SIO OBSs.  We note that these procedures will need to be updated to address both the WHOI and LDEO IICs.  Each IIC will work with the Navy to provide descriptions of their data recovery procedures so that the draft documents and procedures can be revised.

We discussed whether or not LDEO and NOAA personnel with security clearances would be useful to the Navy. At this time, NSF/Houtman recommended that we not pursue this option.  Instead, it is important that we establish procedures that are specific, that omit responsibility on the part of the science team and that Navy personnel assume responsibility for real time decisions regarding treatment of sensitive data.

Action Items

  • Initiate dialog between OBSIP IICs, CIET and the Navy Team.
  • Revise documents to be inclusive of procedures for each IIC.  This process requires that representatives of the WHOI and LDEO teams work directly with the Navy Team.
  • CIET requests that Navy provide a list of stations that require data review prior to cruise.  This will help with cruise planning.
  • CIET to ask Navy if we can QC raw data at sea, prior to application of Navy filters.