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Leg 2, Oct 15 - 29, 2011, R/V Wecoma (W1110B Leg 1)

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This cruise is completed. The following links provide detailed information:

Chief Scientists:  Bob Dziak (OSU), Del Bohnenstiehl (NCSU)

Ports: Newport-Newport

This expedition will deploy 25 OBSs, 15 from SIO and 10 from LDEO. The fifteen SIO OBSs will be installed in trawl-resistant enclosures and are equipped with DPGs. These instruments are deployable at depths extending from the shelf down to 6,000 m. The remaining ten LDEO instruments are not in trawl resistant enclosures and so must be deployed below 1,000 m; they do carry APGs.

SIO and LDEO OBSIP IIC personnel will be participating in this effort.