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June 9, 2011

CIET Conference Calls


  1. Status of bathymetry
  2. Proposed modification to Northern FA
  3. Ship time requests for 2012
  4. AASC recommendations
  5. Review action items from previous call: May 26, 2011


Participants : Emilie Hooft, Jeff McGuire, Susan Schwartz, Doug Toomey, Maya Tolstoy, Anne Trehu, William Wilcock, Richard Carlson

Status of Bathymetry

William Wilcock reviewed the status of bathymetry data. The mapping cruise is well underway and most mapping thus far has been off of the WA coast, with some in Canadian waters. All sites along margin will be mapped and those on the abyssal plain and close to the margin will be covered as well. There are a few instruments off shore in areas w/o multibeam coverage. One in the middle of the JDF; two sites w/o coverage west of Gorda. William will look at this year's ship schedule and forward the map to Delaney and Nabelek.

Rick Carlson noted that there appeared to be a registration problem with a recent map sent out by William. (Subsequent to the call William found and corrected the problem).

✔✔Action Item 1: Investigate if ships-of-opportunity can cover sites w/o multibeam coverage.

Proposed Modifications to Northern FA

In response to instrument readiness issues the CIET proposed a modification to the Deployment Plan for Year 1. The issues, proposed modification and the procedure for approving/modifying this modification are outlined on the Proposed Revision to 2011 Deployment Plan page.

This proposal is being circulated by Jeff McGuire to a group of RF experts for comment. A report is due back to CIET on June 15, 2011.

Ship Time Requests for 2012

Jon Alberts (UNOLS) recently informed us that ship time requests for 2012 are required. The CIET discussed this issue and how to proceed. It is perhaps one of our more difficult issues since how we plan deployments/recoveries has a direct effect on the data quality and quantity recorded. The issues are as follows:

  • The weather window in the northeast Pacific is limited to about early May until early November. And that is a bit generous! For the 20 TRM instruments, the weather window is tighter.
  • Recovery of TRM instruments requires a ship with dynamic positioning (DP).
  • Each IIC requires a finite amount of time to refurbish instruments on shore, with estimates ranging from 2 months (LDEO), to 1 month (WHOI), to 2 weeks (SIO). This is a first guess by each group and perhaps the numbers will change/improve.
  • Access to the Thompson (or similar class ship) provides DP and ample deck space. Such a ship could recover the TRM OBS and a quite a few others in one go.
  • With regards to timing the options are to develop a deployment/recovery schedule that emphasizes
    • recording during the quiet months (summer), in which case OBSs are likely to sit on shelves during the remaining part of the year
    • recording throughout the year, in which case a smaller number/subset of instruments will be down at any one time during the summer months.
  • To get the ball rolling we discussed throwing in a set of requests:
    1. Request 10 days of global class ship in July 2012. This would be used to recover the TRM OBS.
    2. Request multiple legs on the Wecoma, do for all years of the experiment.

✔✔Action Item 2: John Collins and Doug Toomey will begin to explore possibilities and report back prior to the next call, if possible.

Review of AASC recommendations

A May 26, 2011 conference call with AASC was entertaining. A primary AASC recommendation was that the CIET be more visible on both the Earthscope and GeoPRISMS websites. EarthScope followed up on this recommendation and included a link on their start page. GeoPRISMS has been contacted with a request.

Review of Previous Action Items

Action Item (Remains Active): Initiate a discussion on issues related to Wecoma scheduling and possible recovery of a subset of LDEO instruments in 2011 (Tolstoy, moderator)


  • Maya will continue to moderate a wiki page that lays out the possible options. The general questions is whether the 10 days of Wecoma time can be split and some of the days used later in the summer for recovering and checking a couple of instruments.

✔✔Action Item (Remains Active): Poll CIET on time for face-to-face meeting to discuss overall project in June/July/August time frame (Toomey)

We discussed whether or not Langseth/Thompson/Atlantis transits could be used to collect data on the Pacific plate in regions of rough topography.

Action Item (Remains Active): Follow up on ships of opportunity (Wilcock/Tolstoy)

Action Item (Remains Active: Determine OBSIP space needs in Newport (Collins)