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June 7, 2013 CIET Minutes


  • Update on WHOI Cruise
  • Update on apply to Sail
  • Update on 2014 Ship Schedule
  • Update on EarthScope meeting
  • Status on Atlantis telepresence
  • Discovery Channel and UO


Rick, Maya, Dean, Jeff, John, Susan, Brent, Richard, Bob D, Emilie, Donna, William


WHOI recovery cruise

5 instruments thus far recovered, some heavy weather coming.  Duration of 3 days.  Went back and forth with Matt on priorities.  If anything gets left on seafloor, leave instruments near SIO.

Apply to sail

Emilie sent email to current students.  Put on E&O and GeoPrisms. Web site and newsletter. Pay attention to individual students on our cruise.

Update on 2014 ship schedule

 Looks fine, needs to be revised accordingly.  Allocated 15 days for everything

Update on EarthScope meeting

Short session at breakout session discussing the future of the AA.  Some presentations prior.  Pretty compressed.
EAR delivering the message that the cost of keeping the AA going was large.  Some suggestions that it might not all stay together in a single experiment, but the community needs to think about that.  Jeff is going to go to NSF at some point and bring this up with Donna and others at NSF
Instrumentation would fall into the other existing pool.  Would become part of generic pool.  Message was 2nd hand. Will these be used as community or pi driven experiments
This will be discussed within AASC and also OBS workshop/AGU

Status Atlantis telepresence

Crew of 4 people within scientific party
2 cameras, one on ROV one in lab.
Roving interviews.
Special satellite dish on fan tail of Atlantis
1 technician out there from URI group/debugging as we go
Went to URI for training.  Atltantis is one of their first cruises not on Nautilus.  
CC@Sea is a native spanish speaker.  Do streaming.
NSF contact first.


Nabelek’s cruise is no longer an issue

Proposal for CIET work this year

Recommended by program, not out the door.  Push to get it out ASAP.  30 days or so.
Good reviews, solid.
Important to hear this from others.

OBS Workshop Update

Brent, had a call, will send out an announcement soon.  Registration page up, suggested speakers.  
Will: Once this workshop is announced, we need to add on our add-on workshop.
GeoPrisms is willing to help with logistics of the pre-OBS workshop.  
Do we need a separate registration page? Funding?
Donna: Within NSF there is an endorsement of Cascadia, a handful of millions of dollars, money dispersed to MGG program.  There is a recognition that this is a worthy project.  Some amount/nodd that this is good stuff. Will make a difference for handful of additional.