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June 7, 2012 Minutes


CIET Conference Calls



  1. Update on LDEO data screening procedures.  Also, do we know the sites of interest? (Maya)
  2. Update on M07 (Maya and Richard)
  3. Reminder:  Chief scientists to send us confirmation of OBSs to be deployed/recovered
  4. Explanation of fisheries permitting including information in kmz from Bob. See message below. (Bob and Anne)
  5. E&O update
  6. Repository for each cruise


Participants: Rick, Dean, Maya, Emilie, Doug, Dziak, Anne Trehu, Richard Allen

1. LDEO screening procedures

LDEO instruments for screening (list as per Navy) - note one of these is an SIO instrument that we aren't recovering, but are deploying: Mostly deep instruments, all LDEO-APGs not TRMs

2. Update on M07

Looked at two positions, deep one, nearby and which site above a 1000 m.  Will talk to fisherman about this site to find location above 1000 m.  Relative desire to be as close to original location as possible.  Instrument is at 1500 m depth.  1000 contour is at limit.  Original intended location was 500 m.  As close to year 1 as possible or not.

Richard: Update us on this in two weeks
Emilie Why is M07A location in google marked at 449 m depth?

3. Chief scientists check out their list with Emilie

Chief Sci's reminded to send in their cruise objectives.

4. Fisheries and permitting: 

 Only EFHs are useful.  Emilie send email update when KM is cleaned.  The updated version can be found on the CIET Action Items page.

5. CIET Action Items Page is only accessible to CIET members

6. Education and Outreach  Update


  • 3 candidates from 3 community colleges for CC@sea. Application materials for 2 students, with a quick decision promised.      cruise with Bob Dziak is the target.  3 people - Dean and 2 candidates
  • Also will have 2 marine mammal observers
  • OSU outreach planned with Sea grant and could combine efforts
  • New Horizon has 19 scientific berths
  • Dean wants to document a pickup cruise.

Action Item:  Listing of each cruise with berthing available.


Seismometer at school grants

Co-authored a grant with 6 lane county school programs.  State grant, one of 6.  Schools and teachers named.  Claimed a 3 week turnaround on funding notice.  Teach professional development on this.  Using seismometers from UO pool as initial deployment.  Need to follow up on this.  Engaged partners and local schools.  Try something locally and move somewhere else in PNW.  

UO president and E&O - center for STEM outreach

schools and community college. Home base and coordination amongst outreach on UO campus. Are there facilities at Berkley and Earthscope that Dean can tap into?
        Jessie Lawrence's little seismometers - are strong motion instruments, hooked into local resident computers
        Earthscope E&O focused on informal outreach.: park rangers and museum people. 
        Steve Semken in Arizona more interested in K-12.  Outreach to native american populations and underrepresented schools.
    Journalism student?
Managed to get 40 active source OBSs from SIO and WHOI on for Suzanne's expt. on the Oceanus