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June 21, 2013 CIET Minutes


  • Update on WHOI recovery cruise
  • Update on SIO recovery cruise
  • Update on LDEO recovery cruise
  • Fall AGU special session
  • Pre-OBS meeting
  • Misc


Maya, Brent, Emilie, Collins, Anne, Donna, Rodey, William, Richard


Update on WHOI

Difficult weather.  Recovered 23 of 25 instruments.  2 did not come back; 2 AARA instruments/  Alan’s perspective, looks pretty good.  Did experience damage, recovery aids, compact seismometers.  That seismometer being sent to Nanometrics for fixing and quick turnaround.  Turning around the 23 instruments that they do have.

Update on SIO

No update

Update on LDEO

 Leaving on Tuesday.  People are on there way.  9 students; 2 community college. Summer interns.  4 from apply to sail.  One OSU grad student.
Swath bathymetry (Atlantis)
Telepresence (Dean is responsible for organizing).
30 LDEO instruments to pick up.
Issues with Jason
Possibility of adding a little bit of time.  Something that can be open for discussion.

AGU special 

Accepted. Not yet combined with Gao/Shen session  We need to come up with 4 names to invite to that special session.  Have received 4 names. JULY 24 this needs to be taken care of.  Priorities are for those who are tangentially related to Cascadia Initiative.  Paul Johnson, heat flow, thermal structure

OBS workshop

Page on the OBSIP web site
A couple of people have seen this.  Not yet on a listserv
Work with William to get a statement for pre workshop meeting
Will GeoPrisms have $ to help pay for this.  Room will be $5k or less.  Refreshments, extra night. Etc.
Budget:  CIET/IRIS arranged special room rates.  
First large workshop for Brent, learning some things about room rates.  IRIS has a block of 80 rooms, but not sure if the number goes beyond that, what happens.  
How many people do we think will attend? ~75 to 80 people traveling.  Maybe another 25 that would come locally.  

Ship Schedule

What is the 2014 Gorda deployment.
Basic coverage addresses the Cascadia questions
Modest readjustments on basis of events, etc.  
Data will be open right away.
Gorda data will be available.
What is the spacing that John needs?  
Call Nabelek.


Apply to sail participants are providing information for GeoPrisms fall newsletter
Blog, need to set this up so they can add things.
Daniel Mundra Blog and Dean