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June 21, 2012 Minutes


CIET Conference Calls



  1. Budgets
  2. Rick (Good by and hello)
  3. Cruise Report
  4. M07



Participants:    Rick, Emilie, Doug, William, Richard, Maya, Donna, Susan, Bob D.

Budet update:

Subawards for 2011 will be extended to end of Aug. 2013.  Supplement for 2012 is still in NSF DGA - ORSA should contact Dianna Digianova at NSF DGA.  Why is this taking so long? Approved by OCE weeks ago.

Action Item:   Doug to send out a copy of the NSF Fastlane page that says recommended.

 Spending out Year 1 by June 31st - is this necessary or will this role over into Year 2?  To be determined.

NSF Rotation:

Rick Carlson is rotating out of NSF and his replacement is Donna Blackman.  The CIET thanked Rick for his strong support and steady guidance.  The CIET also invited Rick to be an ex officio member of the CIET

Action Item:  Establish Rick as an ex officio member of OBSIP

Siting of M07 (Leg 2, July 10 - July 24 2012, R/V Thompson)

 Currently refining positions.  Richard sent a kmz for this cruise; pinks are sites to be deployed.
  • J33 - in same location as from Yr1
  • M18/M07: green dot to west is the current M07 location which is just inside fisheries reserve, but in water >1000 m.
  • M18B is the one that they have asked the fishermen about - 950m water depth.  Two other possible sites are shallower
  • J25 in same location as Yr 1
  • M09B - two proposed sites
  • J17 at proposed site
  • M10B - two proposed sites

Fishermen - have passed on the 8 possible locations to them.  Promising feedback this and next week.

Dziak gave 3 names for fisheries contact: Katie Hildebrand; Scott McMullin, Scott  - passed on to Katie and Brad Pittenger.

Cruise sheet: sending a new sheet with corrected locations soon.  SIO from Yr1 will be located next to LDEO stations for Yr 2 for a few weeks to compare data.  Dziak will pick these up last on his cruise for a longer comparison period.
Navy process: Andrew finalizing. Navy wants to downsample the data for the <4Hz data.  CIET would like to have the 4 Hz filter be the only thing applied and not have an additional processing step applied that is different for SIO and WHOI instruments.  Maya Forward this question to Collins and Babcock for input.
CIET agrees on the following: Consistency to have them all at the same sampling rate and have minimal steps of processing applied.

Miscellaneous Items:

William:   Foreign clearances - is there generic text? SIO did it for the New Horizon cruise. The vessel operator enters it into the RATS system. Chief scientist provides the content and the ship operator uploads it.

  • Cruise #3 - Dziak on New Horizon
    • Cruise participants
      • 2 CC@sea
      • 3 SIO engineers
      • 3 NOAA - assistant & E&O person
      • 2 MMOs
    •         Foreign vessel clearance done by SIO
  •  Cruise #4 - Hooft/Wilcock on Oceanus
    •  participant list getting close pending MMOs
    •  Interfacing with WHOI re OBSIP personnel
  •  Cruise #5 - Toomey/Schwartz - should have room for participants
  •  Cruise #6 - should have room for participants