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July 5, 2012 Minutes


CIET Conference Calls



  1. Update on Thompson cruise
  2. Fall CIET meeting (timing/location)
  3. Cruise report from leg 1
  4. Fisherman contacts in N. CA.
  5. Marine Mammal
  6. Other Business

Participants:  Will, Emilie, Doug, Anne, Richard, Susan, Dean, John, 



1) Update on Thompson Cruise:

Set up, final agreement for how data is to be handled has been signed by everybody (NSF/Navy_. Fisherman have provided input.  Operational schedule is still up in the air. Putting down 2 LDEO next to SIO instruments, so side by side recording.  Cruise plan is still a bit in flux, though it all appears to be hand.

Emilie:  Have Chief Sci's considered what instruments would be dropped from deployment if there are problems. Useful to have this topic come up in future discussion.  Useful to provide a prioritized list of the deployment.  What sites should be dropped in the event there is a problem?  

Action Item:  Develop prioritized deploymen list

Cruise participants:  Maya is bringing 4 or 5, 1 grad from Berkeley, 1 from Brown, 2 MM techs.  Extra coast guard person.  Encourage them to do a video recording.

Action Item: Ask students to contribute something.


2) Fall CIET Meeting:

Face-to-face meeting will be held this fall, preferably after the Trehu/McGuire cruise in September.  The OBSIP meeting is going to be held on Oct. 8-9, 2012 at LDEO.  Could try to coordinate with this meeting.  Some would prefer a little later, set up a doodle.


3) May Cruise Report

A cruise report is online, but not yet visible to the public; must be logged in.  Doug will format the page.  Navy: No feedback yet.

Other data, will it arrive by Aug. 15.  Peter L. is not returning for 2 to 3 weeks time, so data transfer to IRIS will take some additional time.

Action Item: Table of clock drifts included in the cruise report, would be useful for all to do it.

Action Item:  Revised position for one station that resurveyed in (Located in the cruise report); J48.  Make this clear somewhere

Action Item:  Prepare 1 page summary

4) Contacts for fishermen in N. CA.

Anne Trehu suggests the following contacts:

  1. Susan Schlosser
    California Sea Grant 
    2 Commercial St., Suite 4
    Eureka, CA 95501
    phone: 707-443-8369
  2. Peter Leipzig To:

Anne emailed in mid-June, no response yet.  Anne resent a message to Susan Schlosser last week.  Better to coordinate efforts and make single requests to the fishing community.

5) Marine mammal:  

Marine mammal observers will participate in CIET 2012 cruises.  Committed and funded participants (Navy funding) for both the Tolstoy/Allen and Dziak cruises (2 on each cruise).  John Calambokitis looking for additional money from operational Navy for remaining cruises.

Emilie and Will are planning on 14 for the science party, including the Res Tech.  In this case every berth is filled.  


Other business

Money has not come through yet.  Notifications to institutions within 2 weeks.  Rick had handled most of it, should be coming through at any point.