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July 30, 2012 Minutes

CIET Conference Calls


  1. Impact of Oceanus dry dock


Hi All,

Following is a brief review of where we stand, in preparation for our conference call sometime this week.  First, thanks to CIET Chief Scientists that recalculated their cruise time lines, assuming a faster transit speed and shorter time on site (Wilcock, Hooft, Schwartz).

Current expectation is a 3 to 6 day delay for the Oceanus.  OC1208A was to leave Aug 13, but now may be leaving between Aug 16 and 19.

William's solution re squeezing the schedule, with OBSIP teams ready to leave from Newport at short notice, seems doable:

Cruise 4 / OC1208A was scheduled for 16 cruise days, but it may be possible to complete the work in 12 cruise days, a savings of 4 days.
Cruise 5 / OC1208B was scheduled for 8 cruise days, but it may be possible to complete the work in 6 cruise days, a savings of 2 days.

With this optimistic scenario, OC1208B would finish around Sept. 7, effectively on schedule for Cruise 6 / OC1209A.  If SIO can handle a return date of OC1208B on or before Sept. 10, we seem to be in good shape.

Several notes:

a) The above assumes that there are no surprises when Oceanus is in dry dock.
b) In the event that Oceanus is delayed in dry dock, the above solution may become unworkable.  In this case, we need a backup plan, for example, the Pt. Sur is mobilized on short notice and she takes on OC1208B.

I will let you know when we have an acceptable time for a conference call.  Still waiting to hear from a couple of key players.




Participants:   Jon Alberts, Daryl Swenson, Susan Schwartz, Emilie Hooft, Demian Bailey, Stephen Kelety, Maya, John Collins, Brent Evers, Donna Blackman, Rodey Batiza, William Wilcock, Liz Brenner, Anne Trehu, Jeff Babcock, John Orcutt, Rose Dufour

Demian Bailey (OSU) reported that operations will finish Aug. 10, enter yard Aug. 11, remain through the 15th.  Transit to Newport, with loading on the 17th of August.  Problem with ship is a "head scratcher" so the timeline is an estimate. Suggested having the gear shipped to the yard in Portland and start work from there; unlikely to save much time, so not considered.  
CI leg 5 needs to end by Sept. 7 due to wedding of SIO personnel. 
We discussed various options, for example, using Oceanus later in October or another vessel.  No time on Oceanus in Oct. New Horizon is available if necessary.  However, the preferred option is to complete work on Oceanus.
We spent time discussing other cruises (Gaherty) and availability of ships/personnel. 
One option for saving time at sea is to survey in instruments during the recovery.  This could work and is acceptable by OBSIP.  Decided that using the mop up cruise for surveying was not a good idea.
Given the likely delays in the Oceanus the CIET thought it was possible to deploy all OBSs in the available time.  This is because our prior estimates of cruise length were conservative.  
  • WHOI is sticking with ship date of this Friday
  • Held of making airline reservations and hotel reservations
  • WHOI guys fly on 15th, get to newport on evening of 15th.
  • Oceanus:  They have contingency built into repair.  80% degree of confidence
  • SIO almost leaving at the exact same time, provided that leg 4 goes efficiently
  • Potential of saving 48 hours if no tracking to bottom, but this is undesirable.  Likely will skip surveying if time savings is required.
  • New Horizon is available if necessary

We discussed the need for CIET to provide better estimates of cruise durations for 2013.  We have included too much contingency time.  This is a result of using new, untested instruments and institutional learning.  

Discussed auxillary planning, added science, scope of work.  Rose Dufour does not want to do that.  Sometimes there are gaps within the cruise, that we simply have to take since there are not two full sets of technicians.  Should not impact final length of cruise.  Dredging? Mapping?  Level funded for ship operations next year, since rates are going up.  
Bottom line is that NSF will have to defer programs to meet commitments.  Need to be more on target with those dates. Better estimates of cruise time. Possible to use surveying as contingency time (up to 2 days when deploying 30 instruments).



Following is a summary of today's conference call:

11 Aug: Oceanus enters yard
15 Aug:   WHOI team travels to Newport
16 Aug: Oceanus leaves yard, arrives in Newport
17 Aug: WHOI group loads (this date and subsequent ones could be earlier depending on yard)
18 Aug: Leg 4 / OC1208A begins
29 Aug: Oceanus returns to Newport
30 Aug: Port day, off loading
31 Aug: Port day, on loading
1 Sep: Leg 5 begins
7 Sep: Oceanus returns to Newport.
? Sep: Martin Rapa gets married; congrats!


a) The arrival of the SIO team in Newport is contingent on Leg 4 progress.  Given the above, the SIO team should arrive no later than 29 Aug.  CIET will advise SIO on progress of Leg 4.

b) If additional time needs to be made up during operations we can opt to survey in the OBSs during the 2013 season.  Surveying OBSs during Leg 4, for example, requires ~48 hours of ship time.

c) If other unforeseen problems arise the New Horizon may be called into service, though we would obviously like to avoid that situation.

Please correct if I have made any mistakes or omissions.

Thanks to everyone for their help and participation.