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July 14, 2011

CIET Conference Calls


  1. Cruise preparations
  2. Ship time requests
  3. Indexes
  4. Bathymetry
  5. Canadian clearances for fall cruises


Participants : Robert Dziak, Emilie Hooft, Dean Livelybrooks, Jeff McGuire, Doug Toomey, William Wilcock, Richard Carlson

Cruise Preparations

The chief scientists for the upcoming cruise were unable to participate in the call. Following the call Jeff will email Anne/Maya regarding deployments and any necessary modifications that may be necessary because of known hazards or local bathymetry.

2012 Ship Time Requests

Our ship time request for 2012 has been received by NSF and UNOLS. They are working on it. Linda Goad is retiring this summer, Brian Midsen (sp?) will be taking over.


William updated us on the collection of off shelf bathymetry:

  • Andy Fisher mapped sites 52 and 53. Delaney/Kelly/Chadwick likely to get the middle of the plate. Will have coverage within a few km of the desired sites. Sites west of Gorda on Pacific are still not mapped. ONR cruise will transit from SF to SEA. Has a 2nd request to use that ship time, may not happen. Might be dissappointing. Could ask for an extra day to map those sites. Could get it for free, maybe.