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July 12, 2013 CIET minutes

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CIET Conference Calls



  • Update on OBS recovery cruises.
  • Misc.


Maya, Richard, Rick, Emilie, Bob, Donna, Will



SIO Recovery cruise

Good weather
OBS locations on the web site, one of the stations not listed correctly.
Went to wrong location once (J20).  Correct on one pager
Full report on website is incorrect
Navy review process in place and returned
3 OBSs did not record, or recorded very briefly.  No reason why yet.
12 out of 13 worked as expected.

LDEO recovery cruise

All instruments back, except 2 WHOI instruments
Had time, but bad weather.
Leveling has been resolved.
Issues with batteries that is not fully understood.  Stopped recording after 6 or 7 months.
Overall pretty good data return.  About 75%.
Main issue has been resolved
Shipboard issues with recovery/winch
Pop ups worked, particularly after fixes.  More heavily grease latch on release
Popups are much more reliable
Could possibly stage cruises.
Navy:  only 1 station
Loss of data on latter part of experiment.  
Data quality looks quite good.
Ask IIC groups what instruments did not work.  Need to know for year 4
        2014… Need to know in a month or so.
        Drop dead date is september
WHOI, one instrument with a bad vertical.  Trilium.  Guralp with an iffy vertical.  One poor or moderately useful DPG.