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January 18, 2013 CIET Minutes


CIET Conference Calls



  1. E&O update
  2. Telepresence update
  3. Oceanus schedule
  4. OBS Metadata





Doug, Donna, Rick, Maya, William, Emilie, Brent, Susan, Jeff, Bob Dziak

Regrets:  Richard, Dean, Anne, Collins



Dean updated all on E&O, including an article for Earth Magazine, to be publised in 2013.

Anne noted that we were on track for communicating with Bob Ballard's group.  Also, the Atlantis cruise will have an NSF-sponsored Marine Tech intern on board.

Oceanus schedule went through some modifications, but ended up with effectively the dates we have been planning on.




Complete the horizontals for the WHOI instruments. Submitted preliminary draft to Donna and John Collins. Like them to have a chance to comment with what they have done. Working on the SIO and LDEO data.  Should be relatively soon. SNAFUS in channel naming, etc.  Data itself is uploaded except for the LDEO filter and pressure gauge data.  Will be working on it this week. Changes on Oceanus knocked them off schedule.
Method used to orient.  Read the report.  Off of large events.  Method that they on the New Zealand data set.

Student berths


GeoPrisms, advertisement for posting. Waiting to get these dates. We need dates and approximate numbers