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February 2, 2012 Minutes


CIET Conference Calls



  1. Assign tasks for NSF proposal
  2. Discuss and assign tasks for coordinating CIET/Langseth operations


Participants:  Emilie, Doug, Rick, John, William, Maya, Susan, Anne, Richard

NSF Proposal


  • All 2011 Chief scientists need to document the efforts they made before and after the cruise. DONE except John Collins
  • John Collins - text that one chief scientist per recovery is necessary. DONE
  • Susan and Richard - write a description of why the CIET team participation is different.  Combined effort
  • Dean finish the E&O page of the Web site. Info from two CC@sea students on follow-up.  Working on this
  • All CIET 
    • ‚Äčdevelop a budget for subcontract at each institution according to the budget plan and 2012 field season plans
      • 1) Cruise involving OBS deployments:  Two Chief Scientists each receiving 0.5 month before, time at sea, 0.5 month after.
      • 2) Cruise involving ONLY OBS recoveries:  One Chief Scientist receiving time at sea and 0.5 month after.
      • 3) CIET participation:  0.25 month of support per CIET member - less than last year.
    • write a budget justification
    • Biographical sketch
    • NSF support page
    • Cascadia a renewal proposal.
  • Toomey/McGuire:
    • Introduction
    • Operational objectives of 2012 deployment
  • Dziak/Trehu Successful Siting
    • Some description of who/what we worked with to determine actual site locations.  For example, fisheries, Canadian authorities, Quinault Indian Nation, Navy, others?
  • Wilcock Bathymetric Data
    • Data mining of previous cruises
    • Coordination with Goldfinger’s efforts
  • Emilie: compile text describing what Chief Scientists did before, during and after cruise
  • Richard/Susan: CIET Planning Activities/CIET Budgeting Formulas
  • Susan: Text regarding finalizing plans for the southern focused array.
  • Dean: Summary of E&O and plans
  • Figures
  •     Emilie AI file for all sites:
  •     Emilie AI blowup for southern focused array preliminary design:
  • ?? Data management plan
  • Timeline
    • Contribute to first draft within a week.
    • Budgets within the next week as well.

Coordination of CIET/Langseth Operations

A specific plan needs to be made.  Anne Trehu will organize a doodle/conferece call to bring together Anne, Steve Holbrook, Maya and Doug to discuss possibilities.