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February 16, 2012 Minutes

CIET Conference Calls



  1. Update on Langseth/CIET coordination
  2. Update on proposal
  3. Other issues 


Interfacing with other PI-driven experiments

  • Holbrook line will be recorded on most of the CIET instruments
  • Canales, Carbotte shots - hard to record.  PIs to follow up with OBSIP.

Year 2 CIET proposal

Year 2 CIET proposal is in preparation, to be submitted after Feb. 15 deadline.  

Southern Focused Array near MTJ

Discussed the need to revisit the Portland Deployment plan for the southern Focused Array near the MTJ.  Susan is polling the community and getting feedback.  A white paper/straw man wil be presented at the GeoPrisms workshop in Portland. Oppenheimer and Correy - new USGS professional paper with updated seismicity. Plate boundary is very shallow - this requires small spacing but would result in a postage stamp array. How important/useful is receiver function imagining for this array? Add John Cassidy to this email list re receiver function analysis - he has done this with the NEPTUNE array.