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February 15, 2013 CIET Minutes


CIET Conference Calls



  1. CIET Formula
  2. Plans for focussed array
  3. OBSIP
  4. Telepresence
  5. Call for student participation
  6. Cascadia data at IRIS


Maya, Dean, Jeff, Bob, Susan, Emilie, Doug, Anne, Brent Evers, Donna; Regrets: John, Richard,Will


CIET budget formula

Suggested formula for budget.

Focused array and shallow water sites might move and require a lot of pre cruise effort.

get budgets from this soon to be submitted after Feb 15th deadline

Plans for focused array - will this be 

reoccupy Grey's harbor?  Is the most likely outcome.

to be discussed at Earthscope meeting, mini workshop in May.

if RF is not going to work then more seismicity studies is the plan.  


UNOLS scheduling meeting last week.  Preliminary scheduling of larger global vessels.

CIET cruise on the Atlantis in 2014 was not on anybodies radar. Coordination w winches and people and ships.

Anne & Dean re Bob Ballard's group

connectivity of research vessels

they are asking NSF for funding to instruments to follow Jason to be able to do live broadcasting during the cruise

will place an educator on the cruise too.

great addition to E&O since CC@Sea has a delayed impact.

would stream to events held at marine institutes.

train people to be frontmen on these live broadcasts

concerns re the additional funding requests and the impact on research funding

Donna: Can this be rolled in to the CIET funding request?  

Costs for facilities upgrade on the Atlantis = infrastructure

Donna can support us to use this infrastructure for a specific case. Donna: Can do specific case study on what the expected outcomes are and the #s of people. What are the impacts?  What are the #s?  Do we get ~6 undergrads to go on to grad school with this?  Public awareness is maybe less important.  Who has participated in the past?  What have the impacts and results been?  This has engaged K-12, high school students to STEM careers.

What is the impact of the funding request?  Donna;  This funding comes out of OCE infrastructure program not the science program.   PIs do not see this directly.

Cost to us to stream to locations in Oregon?  Rodey positive re E&O and publicity.  We do not have #s from Bob Ballard what the costs are to us to implement this?  Travel costs to go to RI?

Doug: How enthusiastic are people at OCE to have this happen?

Donna: Useful for NSF if we indicate that we are really interested to do this?  Does CIET budget for streaming etc?  Can also include our reservations?  Is this going to detract from doing science research?

Call to open up spaces for students to come?

When do we do this?

Susan work with GeoPrisms to put up an ad.  Call for applications?

How many available bunks are there on each leg.  Not that many on the Atlantis cruise: 3-4

Criteria for participation? Are they potential users of the OBS facility? (maybe not critical here)

Maya: Instead do we target getting land people to see what is needed to use OBS data.

Can say 2-4 berths per cruise in the summer.  We are accepting applications.  Accepting them from students is perhaps the highest priority.  Giving emphasis to using data from the experiment, to using OBSs in the future.  What about land versus marine people? What about undergrads versus grad, postdoc, early career.  Jeff grad students who are going to work on the data should be highest priority.

Will our own grad students have to go through this application process?  Or should they have an extra advantage?  Maya is hesitant to give up this flexibility to have bunks for her grad students or undergraduates to come along as part of a class.

Anne: helpful to have some open slots and have a call.  But can also have a certain number that is at our disposal.

Doug: grad students and postdocs planning to work with the data get priority.  Some people just want to go to sea, not interested in seismology.

Doug will take a stab at this and send it around.  Susan will work with Geoprisms to advertise and manage Web based applications.  We can be vague regarding when they will hear back etc.

There are issues with the data at IRIS.  

UO sent comments to Brent.  Anne found issues as well.

What about setting up a spot on the Web page to post errors that have been found?

Ist draft of orientations is on the DMC site.  J33A had issues with renaming.

Released for the WHOI data.

Potential issues with data.  Brandon pointed out potential timing issue on SIO Navy redacted data.  Jeff Babcock could not find a problem.  Brandon's problem was before the leap second.  

IRIS will also verify whether or not there is a timing problem.

LDEO DPG and filtered data are not up yet.

Article about CC@Sea at Earth magazine.  

Dean will let us know when this comes out.


Demian Bailey is leaving as Marine superintendent of the Oceanus.