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February 1, 2013 CIET Minutes


CIET Conference Calls



  1. Telepresence
  2. Timing Errors
  3. Orientations
  4. APG data from LDEO
  5. Canadian Clearences
  6. NSF updates


Susan, Maya, Doug, Richard, Emilie, John, Bob, Donna, William, Anne



Bob Ballard w telepresence on Atlantis about to fall through.  The hardware is setup on the Thompson that is using ROPOS this summer.  Unclear that the Atlantis hardware will be upgraded due to costs etc.

Timing Errors

Discussed report that filtered SIO data may have timing errors (leap second).  Not clear yet what is going on.  CIET will work with Brent/OMO on sorting these out.  Need to:
  • Determine if timing error exists
  • Report to DMC and community
  • Community will likely report errors to DMC.


Brent sent a followup to SIO group.  Disucssions w Bob Houtman.  
How will these issues be dealt with?  Other PIs will find these problems.
    How to communicate with users?
    How to work with IICs and IRIS in correcting the data?
    How do we let users know that the data has been corrected?
What do we do if this is the problem and it is fixed?
    NSF needs to work with the Navy folks that set up the contract
    Navy does not know anything about the leap second.  They apply a 3rd filter to the data
    SIO might have forgotten to apply the leap second correction to the NAcy filtered data.  Then this is a one time error that is easily fixed.
    In this case, SIO uploads the corrections to the DMC.  Then the DMC sends a notification to everyone who requested this data.  They also send around emails.  They put a warning on one of the home pages.  This has happened before.  Talk to someone at the DMC - once the data are corrected.
    Does SIO still have the complete raw data to do this with?  How does this work in the data flow with the Navy.  The leap second can be applied to the Navy filtered data.
Can NSF lean on SIO to respond quickly in dealing with timing errors?
CIET put on web site to report problems to CIET or to the DMC.


Woods Hole instruments are complete.


This data is not yet available.  Why?

NSF Updates

CIET proposal is coming in on good time.
OBSIP 2013 cooperative agreement did not reflect levels of CI expenditures as they were put on line. NSF thought they had it sorted out, but NO.  In the long run are not going to fund the full year all at once.  Does mean we have to go out for review on change in scope of cooperative agreement. Working with OMO on how to implement.  Did raise a flag, so effects 2014 CIET request.  That and ongoing discussions will mean that 2014 and 2015 CIET request do go out for review.  
The 2014 proposal will need some clear indication that continuing with the amphibious array is warranated.     Metrics of how experiment is going and data.  Need to motivate this.  Will need to write a real proposal in the future.    Next year’s request will be more of a real proposal, with motivation, data examples, results, etc.
OBS meeting  21st of October in LA, Harm, John, Monica Kohler
The 2014 proposal will have to come in sooner.  AUGUST 15th! Could still be off-cycle, or late fall.  In time for ship’s scheduling meeting during late January.  BSSA (6 abstracts with 2 on Cascadia)  Role all efforts/evaluate.  Busy year next year in 2014.