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December 14, 2012 CIET Minutes

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CIET Conference Calls



  1. Chief Scientists for 2013
  2. Most recent ship schedules
  3. Request by Bob Ballard on Tele-presence and outreach opportunities (email forthcoming)
  4. TRM Recoveries, AHC, Alvin issues, Lab vans
  5. Foreign clearances



Brent, Susan, Bob D, Dean Livelybrooks, Richard, Maya, Anne, Doug, Emilie, Doug 


Reviewed likely chief scientist assignments and ship schedules for 2013.

Ballard request:  CIET discussed and supported the streaming of the 2013 Atlantis cruise.  A great opportunity for outreach that should be fun.
Discussed issues on whether or not we can use the A frame, since it is for Alvin.  Options for doing it over the starboard side.  Key thing is that we need a AHC winch.  TRM, bringing it on board, etc.  Do not get damage it sustained last year.    Will they allow us to the use the A frame?   Brainstorming on different ways to fix lines with MDEA. Matt Heintz will come out LDEO.
Action Itme:  email Matt in the new year.  What is decided ahead of time.  Ship a heave comp senator with starboard winch.
Called a cruise meeting conference call in Feb/March.
Opportunity to sample, Would there be a chance to put in regular labs. Chief scientist to double check on this. Where would sample handling happen.
All were reminded about applying for foreign clearances.