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August 2, 2012 Minutes


CIET Conference Calls



  1. Oceanus delay
  2. Cruise Reports
  3. Shallow water instruments and fisheries
  4. Misc. Issues


Participants:    Rick, Emilie, Doug, William, Bob, Maya

Oceanus Delay Update

Following the July 30 Conference Call, William reviewed timelines for legs 4 and 5 to determine if all of the work could be completed on a reduced schedule.  The information gathered included:


In terms of refining our cruise plans and timing it strikes me that it would be useful to do the following

1.  Confirm with OSU their transit speed.  John Collins reported anecdotally 12.5 knots from April but I would be uncomfortable using that unless it is confirmed by OSU

2.  Confirm with IICs time required on site if the OBSs are not surveyed - I assume that this just the deployment and fall time + ~15 minutes to confirm the OBS is on bottom and put the release to sleep.

3.  Put both cruises into a common spreadsheet - I can do this is you or Susan give me your likely order of deployment

4.  Get tide constraints from OSU on when the ship can enter and leave port.  I think that during Spring tides there are quite significant periods when they cannot get in or out.

I can take the lead with all of this if you wish.

Best Regards



  • William has recalculated timelines for legs 4 and 5 and we can absorb the delay caused by the Oceanus.   
  • Should be on schedule at the end of Leg 5.


Action Items:  Chief Scientists - make prioritized list for cruises 4, 5 and 6.  Which 3 instruments might be skipped if there are instrument problems.

Cruise Reports

Asked each Chief Scientist to generate one-pager summary and send on cruise reports for web site.

CIET Meeting

Set up a doodle to see if CIET can meet immediately following the OBSIP meeting at LDEO on Oct. 8 and 9

Shallow water instruments


  • CA instruments seem to be under control wrt fishermen
  • OR waters being worked on
  • 2 VERY shallow water instruments are designed in the Mendocino array. LDEO that was at 64 m was significantly noisier - check the cruise report. Could be site specific. Maya to ask Spahr when he will be looking at this (pretty soon).

Miscellaneous issues

Data submission to IRIS


WHOI goal was Aug 15th. SAIC - Navy screening of 1st installment is about finished and redacted data will be sent out late next week.  Will send John a CD with redacted data to ensure there are no mistakes.


Cruise 4

waiting on John Collins to provide information for the cruise planning to OSU


Cruise reports

how much data and what is the data quality - was this reported?

Cruise 3: 3 stations did not record.  The other 12 were fine.  Data was OK.  Some were noisy, but were not necessarily correlated with water depth.


CIET and data reporting

Need to publish a summary of what data there is.

Data not available for AGU abstract deadline; should be released around time of AGU.


ACTION ITEM provide an overall view of instrument recovery, data recovery and data quality.  Table 2 in cruise report 2.  Table in cruise report 3. 

Cruise 1 report - Doug check if this is in there.