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April 26, 2012 Minutes


CIET Conference Calls



  1. Navy data screening procedure
  2. MTJ Array (Focus South)
  3. Spreadsheets for Years 1 and 2
  4. Cruise participation


Participants : Emilie, Anne, Susan, Maya, Richard, John, Bob, Dean, Jeff, William, Rick, Doug (Full boat!)

Each IIC is tasked with developing a data review/screening procedure with the Navy.  One is in place already for SIO, as a result of a previous experiment off the coast of CA.  Both WHOI and LDEO IICs are working with JHU.  The exact procedures are still up in the air, though the process of working this out seems to be going well.  Current details include:

  • Kevin Gormally will be the APL rider for the May cruise.  Kevin has already been in contact with John and will submit his paperwork to OSU.  SAIC will also be providing a rider.
  • Ron Lambert has been in contact with both John Collins and Peter Lemmond and is making good process updating the filtering software for the WHOI file format.  Ron and Kevin are scheduled to visit WHOI next Monday (30 April) to run through the procedures and op test the software on-site.
  • Of the 23 WHOI sites currently on the seafloor, 12 will be screened by the Navy
  • We are currently negotiating as to whether or not raw data on the OBS can be retained until instruments are safely in the lab; this provides a backup in the event that data is lost in transit or if data is corrupted during playback.


Mendocino Triple Junction Array (Focus South, FS)

CIET has received input from the community that has helped with the redesign of the MTJ array. The redesigned array and justification is described in the following document:

The array revision has been submitted to AASC for approval.  While discussing the revision, the CIET noted the following issues or opportunities:

Action Item 1:  Look at spatial distribution of WHOI Keck instruments and see if the 3 that are not part of the Reference Array can be repositioned to be near the MTJ (these instruments have strong motion sensors).

Action Item 2:  LDEO site M07 (a TRM) is currently too deep (>1000 m).

✔✔Action Item 3:  Susan and Anne to complete a summary and submit to AASC (done; see above)


Year 1 and Year 2 Spreadsheets

Emilie has made Year 1 and 2 spreadsheets and plots. Each chief scientist team is tasked with reviewing the spreadsheets and plots for accuracy.  Some minor revisions were made to Year 2, including:

  • Co-locating Year 2 sites with Year 1 sites if appropriate
  • Moved the northernmost MA site closer to MTJ as a result of decreasing the aperture of the MTJ array and wanting to making good coverage in the region.

Action items:

Action Item 4:  Communicate with Nabelek regarding Year 2 design

Action Item 5:  Contact OSU marine office re names of Chief Scientists

Action Item 6:  Each Chief Scientist to check spread sheet and maps

Cruise Participation

Leg 1 (WHOI):  18 possible berths, 14 are taken.  Could taken one additional person.  There is a single person cabin on the 01 deck.

Leg 2 (LDEO/Thompson):  23 people thus far not including the Navy.  5 LDEO; 9 Jason; 2 Berkeley; 6 LDEO students; 1 Brown student.  It was decided not to send any UCORE students on this leg.



Contact Monica Cheever at OSU regarding chief scientists names and cruise IDS.