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April 20, 2011

CIET Conference Calls



  1. June meeting
  2. E&O
  3. Status of budgets and proposal documents.


Participants : Richard Allen, John Collins, Bob Dziak, Emilie Hooft, Dean Livelybrooks, Doug Toomey, Maya Tolstoy, Anne Trehu, William Wilcock

We began by reviewing action items from our previous call on April 6, 2011

Review of Action Items

✔✔Action Item 1: Schedule bi-weekly conference calls (Toomey)

  • CIET has been asked to provide information

Action Item 2 (Remains Active): Report from moderators (McGuire, Tolstoy, Trehu, Wilcock)

  • Jeff McGuire: Fine tuning Northern FA
  • Maya Tolstoy: Bathymetry for Northern NA
  • Anne Trehu: Trawling and biology hazards
  • William Wilcock: Bathymetry for all Cascadia deployments


  • Bathymetry for all of Cascadia
    • William reported on bathymetry. He has taken on the tedious job of compiling cruises in the northeast Pacific and is in communication with Vicki Ferrini in an effort to get this data into a publicly accessible database and preferably one accessed by GeoMapApp. There are approximately 50 (!) cruises at the NGDC that are not in GeoMapApp. Will has compiled these in an Excel spreadsheet.
    • Once data is compiled, it is anticipated that many OBSs located away from the shelf can be deployed at sites with multibeam mapping.
    • It is not clear how long it will take to process 50 cruises…
    • There is a desire to generate a gridded data set suitable for use in flederamaus and community use.
    • Goldfinger proposal has been submitted.
    • Will Goldfinger do the merging of their to-be-collected data with existing grids?
  • Trawling
    • Anne reported on trawling/hazards. She requests the following information for distribution to fisheries community:
    • Instrument locations and depths
    • Pictures or drawings of OBSs
  • Other moderated topics will be discussed in future and all remain active.

Action Item 3 (Remains Active): Initiate a discussion on issues related to Wecoma scheduling and possible recovery of a subset of LDEO instruments in 2011 (Tolstoy, moderator)


  • Maya will begin a wiki page that lays out the possible options. The general questions is whether the 10 days of Wecoma time can be split and some of the days used later in the summer for recovering and checking a couple of instruments.

Action Item 4 (Remains Active): Draft recommendations related to moving sites (Jeff McGuire)

✔✔Action Item 5: Volunteer to be Chief/Co-chief for other leg


  • Thanks to Bob, Del, John and Emilie. We now have chiefs and co-chiefs for the fall deployments.

✔✔Action Item 6: Determine availability of bunks during July cruise (Tolstoy/Trehu)


  • Maya/LDEO anticipate 5-6 berths
  • Anne/OSU anticipate 3 berths
  • Dean/UO anticipate 3 berths
  • Thus 11-12 berths are spoken for and this is a comfortable number for the Wecoma.

✔✔Action Item 7: Poll CIET on proposal related issues (Toomey)

  • Completed via e-mail

✔✔Action Item 8: Poll CIET on meeting at LDEO on June 17 (Toomey)

  • A small subset of the CIET may be able to visit LDEO in June. The purpose of this meeting would be to plan for the July cruise
  • Travel funds would be provided by NSF via the LDEO IIC

Action Item 9 (Remains Active): Poll CIET on time for face-to-face meeting to discuss overall project in June/July/August time frame (Toomey)

  • General consensus to hold meeting in Portland, OR sometime during first 3 weeks of September, 2011. Specific dates will be solicited.

We discussed whether or not Langseth/Thompson/Atlantis transits could be used to collect data on the Pacific plate in regions of rough topography.

Action Item 10 (Remains Active): Follow up on ships of opportunity (Wilcock/Tolstoy)

Action Item 11 (Remains Active): CIET to discuss priorities for bathy meeting at future calls

Action Item 12 (Remains Active): Determine OBSIP space needs in Newport (Collins)

The review of action items addressed items 1-3 on today's agenda. The remaining agenda item was the status of the NSF proposal.

Status of Proposal


  • Most budgetary issues were sorted out via e-mail.
  • Per diem for cruise participants was set at:
    • Pre-cruise: 3 days, 2 nights
    • Post-cruise: 2 days, 1 night
  • A rough draft was circulated along with writing assignments
  • Deadlines:
    • Friday, April 22: Submit first draft of budgets
    • Sunday, April 24: Completed first draft of proposal
    • Friday, April 29: Submit the proposal