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April 12, 2013


CIET Conference Calls

Table of contents 


  1. AGU Special Session
  2. 1/2 day workshop prior to OBS workshop in October
  3. Apply to sail
  4. WHOI cruise/Matt Fowler


Bob, Matt, Emilie, William, John, Maya, Richard, Susan, Donna



Organizing an AGU special session

Easy to submit.  They try and merge them afterwards.  

We should submit something for Cascadia.  Description is easy.

Susan and Doug (or Emilie), Anne & Richard - conveners (at least 2, up to 4). Can a team name be used.

Deadline is in one week.

Invite a few people.  Decide on posters and talks.

Fall OBS workshop

GeoPRISMS can contribute and Donna also… unclear. Budgets are tight and still unkown. Some people might need some additional travel support

They want to keep a science focus.  Don;t want a classic planning meeting.  Interested in seeing Casadia results and illustrating what OBSs and amphibious arrays can do

We need to discuss whether a 4th year is required to achieve the planning objectives.

Can this be done in a 4 hour evening session or an afternoon before the meeting?  A community forum is needed.

Will there be a session on Cascadia? -No  they are planning on talks here and there.

Are they planning other evening sessions?

We need to have our meeting. Most CIET business can be done in one day.  We can invite some people to attend the CIET meeting the day before presentations on data and results.  Then discuss needs for year 4.

Ask for Cascadia results to be presented earlier.

Who is overseeing the OBS workshop - acting chair.  Harm?

Can William communicate with them?  The OBSIP oversight committee is overseeing the workshop.  Issues re science and technical needs.

Plan on a day before, can we have an evening session.  Then we can work with them to find something that is suitable.

OBS is a 2 day meeting 21 and 22. 

Give people 3 mintues

CI discussion Sunday evening.  Invite a broader cross section of community to this.  5 min summary talks.

CIET team meeting in the morning on Sunday 20th.

Provides us information for the Year 4 NSF proposal.  Target date is that it be looked at at the same time as the Nov panel proposals.  Submittal Sept is best.  Get it out for review.

Doug write an email summarizing this.  Sun 20th CIET annual meeting, afternoon & eve - open up with science results and future plans.  Not requesting time on Monday evening.

Apply to Sail has been very successful

requests from France, England, Canada, graduates and undergraduates.

US researchers will be given priority.

NSF rule is that if you are at an NSF institution you are US.

Broader impact objectives of the work.  Funding a foreign person to travel needs to be justified.

Discourage European applicants.

Canadian applicants - ask NEPTUNE Canada to help with them.

If European applicants can travel to the US we should consider them as well - no cost.

Cruise preparations

Matt Fowler - Chief Scientist on Cruise 1

Collins applied for Canadian Clearances

John Collins has put a cruise plan together. # of WHOI participants

Leave a berth for someone from the Navy - not clear how many there will be.  2 people last year.

Quite a few instruments need to be surveyed - because of a curtailed schedule last year ~20 instruments need to be surveyed.